Animals on Auction


You HAVE to create an account to bid. If you have any questions, click the blue "Message Us" button in the bottom right corner. 

Please be prepared to pay for what you bid on! If you don't pay within 24 hours, the system AUTOMATICALLY gives the win to the next highest bidder and you will probably be banned from future auctions. Sorry, but it costs us money to advertise auctions and wastes our time when people don't pay. I ain't got time fo' dat! :)

All bidding has atleast $5 increments. Overtime bidding is in the works but not yet enabled. YOU CAN USE PROXY BIDDING, which is essentially the same outcome.

Terms are listed here. Shipping is $50 to $95, depending on the weight of the animal.  Payment must be made within 24 hours directly on the website.

You can win multiple auctions and ship together for a discounted shipping rate. Please contact me if this is your situation and I will refund any extra shipping charges paid. We ship Monday-Wednesday. Please tell us what day you would like your snake shipped in the purchase comments area. 

Have fun! Tell your friends! Please share and like this post! Thanks!